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Build-up Your Immune System

The purpose of strengthen our immune system is to protect us
from all kind of diseases, including bacteria.

As a start, avoid any unnecessary use of  medications, especially
and any unnecessary contact with hospitals and
medical facilities.

There are three strategies you can use to strengthen your immune
system. The first one is P’au D’Arco tea.
This is a traditional South American herbal remedy made from
the inner bark of the purple lapacho tree. It is used there against
a large variety of infections. In the 1960’s they extracted a chemical
from the purple lapacho, called naphtoquinone, which proved to
have strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal actions.

Watch for false P’au D’arcos sold on the herbal market.
Only the Argentinian product is effective.

The second strategy is a simple animo acid.Strong immunity
requires a lot of glutamine. Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG)
 will provide this. It is stable and doesn’t rase body ammonia levels.

The third strategy is ion exchange whey protein concentrate.
THis is a powerful immune booster. Look for a protein drink
 of which the main ingredient is wey protein concentrate.

Drink clean water.
Most of our drinking water is now contaminated  with over
60,000 man-made chemicals, that pollute our groundwater.
Use a good quality alkaline filter.

Limit your Alcohol Intake.
It has been proven that some alcohol protect against cardio
and reduces the effects of stress.
Drink no more than two glasses of wine or beer or two singles
of spirits per day.

Eat an Alkaline Diet.
Acidity has become a disorder in Australia. that causes many
diseases. Look at my website and read about the
Alkaline/Acid Food Theory.

Use the “Eating Right Pyramid” as the basis for your diet.
Eat mainly grains and cereals, followed by vegetables and fruits.
Use meat,eggs, fish & dairy products as optional and kept to
15 – 20% of your daily calories. Use fats,oils & sweets sparingly.

Eat a Wide Variety of Foods, to give you the best change to
get all the necessary nutrients.

Take Daily Supplements to obtain optimum health and to
protect yourself against degraded and contaminated foods,
polluted water and air, which will get a lot worse before it will
get better.

Take a complete multi-mineral & antioxidant and some
organic flax seed oil.

Eat a Low Fat Diet.
It protects you against cardiovascular disease & cancer.
Keep your fat intake below the 15% of your total daily calories
preferably as organic olive oil & flax seed oil.
Avoid saturated & trans fats.

Eat a Low Salt Diet.
Excess use of sodium causes hypertension and increase the
risk of stomach cancer and osteoporosis.Take a potassium
based salt substitute on the table and in cooking.

Reduce your Sugar Intake.
Refined sugar causes obesity, tooth decay, metabolic & cardiac
abnormalities and also increase the risk of adult-onset diabetes.
Use a little fructose or Stevia, which is a natural sweetener made
of the leafs of the Stevia  rebaudiana and is sweeter than sucrose.

Eat Organic, Unprocessed foods.
I have mentioned the degraded & contaminated nature of foods
grown with NPK fertilizers and  foods processed for mass production.
They fail to provide essential nutrients and do more harm than good.

Your body has to rob its own tissues of essential nutrients to use
in absorbtion and metabolism of any refined food.

Avoid Red Meats
The number of colon cancer cases in America has exceeded
150,000 in 1990, ten times as many as in Eastern nations.

Dr. Walter Willett at the Harvard University has shown with a
clinical trial of 88,751 women, that eating beef, pork or lamb
daily can cause a 250% increase of risk of colon cancer.
Red meat consumption is now also linked to prostate cancer
in a new study of 14,916 physicians.

Avoid Processed Meats, like pickled, salt-cured,smoked,
nitrated or charcoal-cooked meats, which contain potent
carcinogens. Don’t eat them. At the barbecue, don’t allow
the meat to char and cut off any charred peaces

Eat a High Fiber Diet
Fiber protects you against colon cancer,it lowers your
cholesterol and stabilizes your blood sugars.
Consume at least 40 – 50 gram of mixed fibers daily,
from whole-grain breads & cereals, especially from oat bran,
vegetables and fruits.

Eliminate Toxic Metals.
Lead damage our brains and so those aluminum, which is
also linked with Alzheimers.
Watch out for personal care products, such as anti-perspirants
and shampoos.

Include Weight Bearing Exercises in your fitness program,
at least three times per week. your lungs, organs, muscles,
bones and your immune system will benefit from it.

Source by Adrian Joele

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