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Can Diabetes cause blood pressure changes? - Dr. Sanjay Gupta

In patients with diabetes, blood pressure is comorbidity or a coexisting factor. We also know that a high number of diabetes patients, something around 50 to 70% of Type 2 diabetes patients will have blood pressure or hypertension. But it is difficult to say the cause and the effect. So what is causing the blood pressure it is not known if the diabetes is causing the b blood pressure or vice versa. So we keep doing that the coexisting blood pressure in a diabetes individual, it is very vital for the wellbeing of the patient and also to prevent the complications of the patients. But also means that we have to be very careful in managing the range of blood pressure. It is not yet proven that diabetes causes blood pressure. In medial terms, high blood pressure is called as hypertension. Primary hypertension is more common among the individuals. Diabetes does nit feature in secondary hypertension. So it is a coexisting disease. The cause and effect is not yet proven and still needs more research and the drugs that are coming to the market are more fine-tuned and customized to these patients. So all in all I would say that it is not justified to say that diabetes is causing the blood pressure, but they do coexist.


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