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Can Diabetic Kidney Disease be cured or prevented? - Dr. Prashant Dheerendra

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The question is if we can. Dialysis in all patients. Unfortunately as of our knowledge today, we cannot cure diabetic kidney disease. Diabetes is a chronic disease and it evolves over a long period of time and curing it after 5 years or 10 years is not possible with our orient level of knowledge. Bit preventing diabetic kidney disease is possible. The focus on prevention should starts as soon as one is diagnosed with diabetes. If our BP control is good, sugar control is good , the cholesterol control is good, if the diet is followed properly, if you are able to reduce the weight, then overtime the risk of developing diabetic kidney disease definitely decreases. We have seen patients whose sugar is not controlled well, BP is not well controlled. They are the ones who are most likely to develop kidney disease or kidney failure over time. Those who manage their diabetes and blood pressure and diet very well, even after 15 to 30 years, we see they gave very good kidney function. Even with all these control, it is advised that one gets one’s blood and urine tested for kidney disease every year. Because even with all these measures one can develop chronic kidney disease and it is important to diagnose it in the early stages. Very simple blood test, which costs maybe not more than 200 rupees will tell us about the kidney function and protein leakage in the urine If diagnosed it early stages we can manage these patients better.

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