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Certified Diabetes Dietitian Exams

The certification is an important step of diabetic nutritionist education. You must be licensed and registered as a health professional. If using a master’s degree in nutrition, health education or public health as the qualifying education requirement, the degree must have been completed no more than five years before the date of application.

A Certified Diabetes Dietitian is a health professional, certified by the National Certification Board of Diabetes Educators (NDBDE). The NCBDE requires that a person applying for certification as a Certified Diabetes Educator fulfill certain eligibility requirements. Diabetes Educators Exam Next step is to sign up for the exam. The test is offered twice a year at various locations throughout the country. In addition, you must acquire at least one thousand hours of practice in a hospital health care services where you work as a diabetes educator.

You should hold a job in a health care facility that treats diabetes on a regular basis. You must be employed at least 4 days a week, or the equivalent of 32 hours per 7 days.

The NCBDE offers a sample content outline of topics that the test will cover in its Certification Handbook for Diabetes Educators. Questions will cover such topics as assessment of diabetes care, interventions and development of diabetes care plans, and diabetes-patient-education program development and administration.

The exam consists of two hundreds multiple-choice questions. And you will have approximately five hours to take the exam. If you pass the exam, the NCBDE mails you a certificate and wallet card in two months. But if you fail the exam, you may elect to retake the test. It’s very important to underline that there are no limits on the number of times you can retake the exam. However, you must resubmit an application and application fee for each retest.

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