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Chapter 15 Part 8: Oxidative Phosphorylation (continued)

Download the lecture notes that accompany this Chapter FOR FREE!!!:
Lecture Notes: http://www.zovallearning.com/GOBlinks/ch15/lecture_notes_ch15_metabolism_current-v2.0.pdf

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Chapter 15 Contents:
Chapter 15 Part 1: Introduction to Metabolism and the Coenzymes that are Involved.
Chapter 15 Part 2: The Coenzymes that are Involved in Metabolism (continued from Part 1)
Chapter 15 Part 3: Introduction to the Metabolism of Carbohydrates, Digestion of Carbohydrates
Chapter 15 Part 4: Glycolysis and Acetyl-Coenzyme A Production, Gluconeogenesis
Chapter 15 Part 5: The Citric Acid Cycle
Chapter 15 Part 6: NADH Shuttles
Chapter 15 Part 7: Oxidative Phosphorylation
Chapter 15 Part 8: Oxidative Phosphorylation (continued)
Chapter 15 Part 9: The Regulation of Blood Glucose, Insulin, Glucagon, Glycogenesis, Glycogenolysis, and Diabetes
Chapter 15 Part 10: Triglyceride Metabolism: Digestion and Storage of Triglycerides
Chapter 15 Part 11: Triglyceride Metabolism: Fatty Acid Catabolism
Chapter 15 Part 12: Triglyceride Metabolism: Ketone Bodies, Ketoacidosis, Fatty Acid Synthesis
Chapter 15 Part 13: Protein Metabolism: Digestion of Proteins, Amino Acid Catabolism, Dialysis
Chapter 15 Part 14: Summary of Metabolism

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