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'Check Today, See Tomorrow' - Promoting Regular Eye Checks

The Indigenous Eye Health Unit (Minum Barreng) at The University of Melbourne were proud to partner with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects and Gilimbaa Creative Agency to create a national campaign called ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ promoting diabetes eye care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

It includes a suite of print and multimedia resources encouraging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with diabetes to get an eye check at least every year to prevent vision loss and blindness.

This ‘Regular Eye Checks’ video was produced to allay concerns and fears about the eye examination and to demonstrate the eye component of the MBS Item 715 Adult Health Check for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

It shows the 4 key steps used by health workers, nurses or doctors; history, vision testing, external eye exam (including retinal exam) and what warrants referral.

IEH would like to acknowledge the contribution and guidance of:

• Deception Bay clinic and the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) in SE Queensland
• Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-Operative (BADAC), VIC
• Budja Budja Aboriginal Co-Operative, VIC
• Looma Remote Area Clinic, WA

and community members in these regions involved in the development of the ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ resources.

This video was narrated by Nathan Lovett Murray.

Support for the ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ resources was provided by The Ian Potter Foundation, private donors, The Australian Government Department of Health, and The Aspen Foundation.

For more information on the additional ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ diabetes eye care resources please visit:

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