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Cholesterol Reducer | Choleduz | Alliance in Motion Global

Read description for explanation on what happens here.

http://c247nutritionalsupplement.wordpress.com – Cholesterol Reducer Choleduz

Choleduz Omega Supreme – fortified with 50% DHA 20% EPA

In this video we experimented on the effects of Choleduz OMEGA Fish Oil on a Styrofoam. Styrofoam has the same build up as Bad cholesterol or LDL(Low density lipoproteins). Imagine that the styro is the bad cholesterol inside your body, and the water is your blood. Choleduz will run in your bloodstream, breaking the cholesterol build up in your veins as it goes. Like on the video, it cuts the styrofoam easy enough without help.
(The whole video runs around 23minutes and is fast forwarded for your convenience)

People wonder. if that product can cut a styrofoam , how about their stomach linings or veins? No it’s safe to use. that won’t happen this is a molecularly distilled fish oil product from sardines and tuna (LEAD and Mercury free!).

USFDA Approved
BFAD Approved
Kosher Certified
Halal Certified

The multiple uses of Choleduz:
*It Can enhance brain function because of the high DHA content. recommended for pregnant women.
*Reduces Bad Cholesterol (LDL)
*Prevents PPD (Post partum depression)
*Helps ease arthritis and rheumatism
*many more

For more questions, inquiry and orders contact :
Francis @ 09328507558 for sun & 09126212504 for smart

http://c247nutritionalsupplement.wordpress.com – Cholesterol Reducer Choleduz


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