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Christina's Body Transformation Vlog PT3 - Reversing Diabetes with Exercise and Diet

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It’s week 3 of Christina’s Transformation!
And we hit a little plateau on our fitness journey. Plateaus are frustrating, but they are completely normal and happen sooner or later during the weight loss process.
They happen duet to the fact that our bodies are geared to adapt to any physical challenge presented before it. This means, that sooner or later it stops responding to the nutrition plan and it adapts to the workouts you are doing.
In Christina’s case, we hit the plateau fairly early in the program. She has stopped responding to the current diet and workouts and there is only one thing to be done – change them.
So for the next week, we are going to change her nutrition plan a little bit and add a little bit more intensity to her workouts to help her overcome this plateau and keep seeing results and hit the weekly targets!
Stay tuned for the next week’s video and find out if we were able to break through!
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