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Christina's Body Transformation Vlog PT6 - Reversing Diabetes with Exercise and Diet

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It’s week 6 of Christina’s Fitness Journey!
And another fantastic milestone was achieved today, we have lost weight, inches and reduced body fat percentage yet again. But perhaps the most important part is that Christina is continuing to see great progress in her strength and endurance.
On top of it all, she is still completely off insulin injections and her blood sugar level has been normalized to that of the person without diabetes. It does not mean that she is off the nutritional plan.
Christina has been eating very healthy and avoiding junk food completely. This lifestyle may be hard to manage at first, but as long as you are staying organized it should get easier after a couple of weeks of doing it.
In this video Christina talks about the importance of being patient with your progress. It never happens overnight and in fact, all the best things in life come the hard way. You will make some mistakes, you will have a few setbacks and will get frustrated here or there. The main thing is to realize that it is a process and that these obstacles are simply a part of it. Keep believing in yourself, keep trying and when you get knocked down – get up and continue.
Eventually you will see that all the hard work pays off and that you will get the results you are looking for. Don’t give up and keep on push it – it’s worth it!
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