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Click here if you know someone who has diabetes (Reduced version)

Hi there!
I’m Suree and I am a final year student from The University of Manchester

This a component of my final year project where I am allowed to create a media resource relating to the topic that I have chosen.

The aim of this video is to remind and inform the public that diabetes is a MULTIFACTORIAL DISEASE which often results in several complications such as retinopathy (affects the eye), neuropathy (affects the nerves), nephropathy (affects the kidneys) and diabetic foot ulcers.

I hope that this video would be able to give you a better insight on why diabetic patients are more at risk at developing these conditions and how their conditions will quickly deteriorate if appropriate care or treatment is not administered.

I have lost a grandma due to diabetes and she has had her limb amputated. I have witness how this disease could just easily change the quality of life of not just the patients themselves but also their families. Therefore, I hope that through this video, your understanding of diabetes will increase and know that this isn’t just the case of having “too much sugar in the body”

Thank you for watching! 🙂

Music used in the video:
“Angel” by Stephanie Wong & Shun Ng
“Howl’s moving castle theme” by Joe Hisaishi

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