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Coach more clients and sell less by offering health coaching

Your next 25 client prospects need help with their health journey right now!
7/10 people in America are overweight or obese.
30% are looking for a health solution right now—today.
Diabetes II (and other weight related disease) is becoming the number one preventable disease.
Diets don’t work. People need a coach.

I don’t have enough space in this email to talk to you about the other five reasons why you should consider offering health coaching within your practice. That’s why I’ve invited two coaches to join me in sharing our success in a web/video meeting on Wednesday, May 21st at 11AM Eastern.

David Bush, certified health and lifestyle coach, Kevin McCarthy, from On-Purpose Partners and Coach Maggie Sabatier-Smith, certified health coach with Villanova University, College of Nursing will share their success of getting more clients by offering health coaching to their established coaching practice. Their proactive, on-point, practical steps will help you achieve a spectacular launch of your practice in 90 days. You’ve never experienced growth and momentum like this.

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