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Collovet, the best Horse & Camel Feed Supplement

Now a day, taking care of livestock is becoming more and more important as well as Confusing especially about Racing Horse & Camel. But no need to get lost and confused about Horse & Camel Feed Supplement because Collovet has invented uniquely formulated stimulant, supplement for livestock. It helps overcoming post training fatigue. Collovet is an Australian (Sydney) company which has been providing solutions to Livestock Supplements. It is used for:

  • Recover from illness,
  • Stimulate appetite,
  • Maintaining progressive situation,
  • Increasing mental capacity & alertness for muscular work.

Collovet has also been used for Camel Racing as an appetite stimulant. It is a restorative & appetite stimulant. Horse Appetite Stimulants are the elements which improve the appetite system of livestock including Racing Horses & Camels. Many Horses & Camels show good results during training sessions but not performing on the actual racing day.

Collovet Improves animal’s appetite & overall muscular strength for those who are going through intense training, racing, and performance by providing all the most important & much needed Nutrition. . It has many advantages & one of the most important advantages is Collovetincreases mental alertness & capacity for muscular work of the body.

Collovet costs are competitive but it has not compromised with it’s ingredients, that contains: Potassium glycerophosphate, Ferric ammonium citrate, Sodium glycerophosphate, Caffeine citrate, Manganese sulphate, Thiamine hydrochloride. There are many clues or hints for Camel &Horse Owners about when to use Collovet, few of them are: Sickness Stress, Performance Stress, Handling Stress, Dietary Adjunct, and Restorative Tonic.

COLLOVET is a water soluble liquid which can be dosed in the drinking water, milk or feed that too at an easy-to-digest, non-vomiting, nausea or stomach upsets system base and this makes Horse Feed Supplement easier.

The major factors which differentiate Collovet from other supplements are: It is easier to digest that too without any side-effects, can be mixed with water, milk, or supplement, prices are competitive because Collovet understands RacingHorse and Camels completely. Now is the need to be aware of health & performance risks associated with any food supplement or diet which is given to livestock or Racing Horse, Camel, as it may affect health of animals to an unrecoverable situation. Now you can get to know why it is important to use Collovet.

Don’t let your much important livestock including Racing Horse & Camels suffer from:

  • Post-competitive fatigue,
  • Low Performance,
  • Post-Training exertion.

Above mentioned are few of the risk, but Collovet has been formulated to prevent & avoid many such risks, by giving exactly what your livestock or Racing Horses & Camel need.

Now Horse & Camel owners can go ahead and say with pride to their beloved Racing Camels & Horses “Don’t worry & Enjoy life with Collovet”

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