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Coping With A Genital Herpes Diagnosis

You’ve been told that you are infected with a certain virus for which no cure is available, and one that involves an extremely sensitive area. That is terrible news, but do not get too sad about it.

Most of all, know that genital herpes is extremely common. Odds are one of your family members, friends, or fellow workers is infected with it as well. If you’ve read or heard about genital herpes, certainly, you are aware of the statistic: Approximately 1 in 5 people in the United States is infected. However, you may not know that a few diseases we deem as quite common — diabetes and asthma, for instance — are less so than genital herpes.

If you have performed your herpes homework, you are aware that it will not kill you, and perhaps, it won’t cause severe health problems later. Still, nobody should take the havoc too lightly as the diagnosis can mess around with emotions. You could feel sexually undesirable or “dirty.” You could get depressed considering a lifetime of symptoms as well as taking drugs to treat them. You could be mad with the individual who passed it on to you. These are logical feelings, but you should learn to control them and return to normal, or else risk becoming the infection. You aren’t herpes: You are infected with herpes.

Challenge Your Feelings Regarding Genital Herpes

The way to overcome these emotions is to confront the belief on which they’re based. Does having herpes make one less attractive? Nope, not really. Sores or blisters may develop on your genital area now and then, but the rest of your body isn’t affected. Loads of individuals are attracted to loads of things about you aside from sex appeal. You are just as hilarious and adorable as you always were; still, your eyes are as fascinating, or whatever thing is exceptional about you.

When you present with symptoms, you should not have sex, and perhaps will not want to. But then, you do not feel seductive when a cold appears, either. After several days, your cold sores disappear, and you feel better. Just remember a moment when you were unwell with a cold.

Dealing With Genital Herpes Day to Day

If you have just found out you have genital herpes, perhaps, you need to make a few changes in your everyday life, which will feel weird at the start. But will your life change considerably? Maybe, not. You can progress in your career, or have kids, and enjoy life.

You may have to take medications, but pills are just a truth of modern daily life. Millions of individuals take pills daily to treat health issues, and loads more take supplements and vitamins each day because they just want to. As much as you appreciate a happy-go-lucky lifestyle, you have kept doing a few necessary chores each day, such as brushing your teeth. Taking meds will become as normal as that.

Perhaps, you don’t even need to take regular medication. You may require it only when a recurrence takes place, and that is like taking meds for bronchitis. Note that symptoms have a tendency to decrease in time as well. Your initial outbreak could be the worst you will ever have.

Coping With Anger Regarding Having Herpes

Ask yourself, “Did the individual whom I got it from want to infect me?” Again, perhaps not. Most individuals with genital herpes do not know they are infected. Unless that individual knew and did not even bother to tell you, there is no reason to be angry. In any case, performing any sexual activity means you take the risk of contracting an STD. Do not beat yourself up, or anybody else, because you did not fully recognize the risk.

These are just some of the personal matters you may encounter in coping with your diagnosis. There is also the difficult task of disclosing it to your partner, the problematic things involved in dating, as well as the stuff you should and should not do once you have sex.

You do not need to handle all this by yourself. If you feel uneasy talking about your emotional state with folks you know, you can discuss things over with other people who have herpes, through in-person or online support group. Be certain that you aren’t the only person who’s facing this situation. A therapist or counselor can also aid you to resolve a few issues.

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