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Could a "missing" enzyme be the cause of type 2 diabetes

I am at risk of type 2 diabetes – give me more IAP please

Endotoxin, a bacterial waste product is partly to blame for the inflammation of obesity, but why is it accumulating ? There is a lack of IAP to clean it up.

Here is a recap of this video

00:20 So what causes low grade inflammation ?

00:55 A leaky gut

01:59 Being an enterocyte is a tough job

02:56 Processing bites

03:25 The role of gut bacteria

03:52 Waste NEEDS to be picked up

04:29 Metabolic endotoxemia

05:17 The clean up crew

05:48 Looking for intestinal alkaline phosphatase

06:41 Type 2 diabetes a picking up problem

07:07 The not so fat diabetics

07:59 High IAP was protective

08:36 Give me more IAP please

09:57 Scientific reference

Enjoy !

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