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Create a new hypoglycemic Victoza market success in the first quarter

Although the United States FDA requirements for drug labels is complicated, but Novo Nordisk introduced a new hypoglycemic agent Victoza unexpectedly created a market success. In the first quarter, Victoza (liraglutide, Lila Lu peptide) for the company worldwide has created about 6,600 million dollars in sales, far beyond the Novo Nordisk and analyst expectations.

Novel hypoglycemic Victoza record first quarter this year, the market success

2009 mid, Victoza successfully entered some of the major European markets by the end of January this year, approved in the United States and was quickly put on the market in mid-February. At present, the drug has been successfully listed in 15 countries.

4 27, Novo Nordisk CEO in the company held an analyst conference call, Victoza is glucagon-like peptide -1 (GLP-1) analogues, 10 weeks after listing it quickly GLP-1 occupied 10% market share.

In Victoza strong, driven, Novo Nordisk’s sales in the first quarter of this year reached 137 million Danish kroner (DKK), up more than 9% over the same period last year. To this end, Novo Nordisk has its sales growth forecast of 6% from last raised to 7% 10% 10% (in local currency terms).

Victoza sales performance has been very exciting, but also the earnings conference call that the focus of attention. Drug approved for metformin monotherapy is not satisfied after the glucose in type 2 diabetes. The Novo Nordisk and other GLP-1 wish to apply for pharmaceutical manufacturers to market terms, Victoza approved in the United States can be called a great victory. But the FDA labeling requirements for products are very complicated, and may become the consumer acceptance of potential obstacles to the product. FDA requested Novo Nordisk product label “risk assessment and avoidance strategy”, also made a number of mandatory listing requirements. According to FDA’s request, in view of pre-clinical studies have reported rodent thyroid C cell tumors, Victoza label is also printed on the corresponding “black box warning.”

Moreover, Victoza access is a growing and highly competitive market. The market there are many other types of hypoglycemic agents, including sulfonylureas, thiazolyl oxazolidinone and dipeptidyl peptidase -4 (DPP-4) inhibitors.

But apart Victoza, the currently approved GLP-1 product is only one: Amylin and Eli Lilly jointly launched the GLP-1Byetta (aissey that peptide, exenatide), a daily injection of 2 times. By the Amylin, Alkermes and Eli Lilly aissey three companies jointly developed a new formulation that peptide Bydureon, 1 injection per week, currently under FDA approval, is expected to enter the market this year.

But analysts pointed out that some species have been the impact of competitive products more than others. JPMorgan analyst CoryKasimov in the April 27 memorandum, wrote: “So far, Victoza effective occupation of the Byetta did some market share.” Kasimov said, IMS data, Victoza in the United States after 10 weeks Byetta sales week than most of the major decline in the growth rate of hypoglycemic agents, and Victoza sales increase was greater than other types of drugs.

Jernigan said that Novo Nordisk has a strong worldwide professional sales force of diabetes, approximately 2,200 medical representatives of professional, most of which are in the project for the Lila Lu peptide efforts.

Novo Nordisk’s goal is to establish the first drug in the medical image, and then conduct patient education action. Chinese delegates will be primary care physicians and specialists are incorporated into the target. Novo Nordisk has also developed a corresponding advertising campaign, so far mainly professionals to disseminate objective, focusing on promotion of products approved circumstances. In addition, Novo Nordisk has submitted the relevant regulatory bodies to further the advertising plan of action. These plans have entered the final review stage, is expected to be allowed in a few weeks.

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