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Crossing the Finish Line: Story of Unlikely Marathoners

Many people nowadays are engaging to a healthy lifestyle. One of a good reason to stay fit is by doing a jogging or being able to run into a marathon race. Marathoner or runners are people who are fit and determine to join a marathon. For every runner their has different story, the moment they join a lot of marathon race, they tend to forgot the different stories happen in each race. But, one most important memory is the first time they join a race. That is the most memorable story on their racing life. This experience makes the runner to run as many race as they can, that neither anyone could stop them. It became not just a hobby but also a passion in every runner.

Amanda is a diabetic runner who run to win over diabetes and Elpi, a big guy who run not for short distances but go for 10 to 21 km.

This is a video made for my MMRPOJ2/Final Thesis.

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