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Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Faustman Lab video 3 - About Diabetes

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How normal digestion should work…

A number of things transpire when what you eat is made absorbable: 1. A sugar called glucose enters the circulatory system from the digestive tract. 2. Glucose is converted into a form used by tissue cells to create and provide energy for the nourishment of all body systems.

The pancreas, a glandular organ of the digestive system produces the hormone insulin. The role of insulin is to move sugar circulating in the blood into the cells of muscular tissue, fatty tissue, and the liver, where it is usually put to use as cellular nourishment or in the case of the liver changed and stored for future use.

Individuals with diabetes have elevated blood glucose levels for the reason that their body can not move digested carbohydrates (sugar-glucose) into fatty tissue, the liver, and the muscular tissue cells. In order for sugar (glucose) to become stockpiled in the cells and converted by the cells for use as energy, insulin must transport it inside.

Diabetes appears as a result of the fact that either:

1. The person’s pancreas doesn’t produce sufficient amounts of the hormone insulin.

2. Their bodies cells do not work with insulin in a normal way.

3. Both of these reasons. These reasons can possibly created by over consumption of food and when the pancreas can not produce enough insulin to handle the over abundance, then high sugar levels interfere and the cells become insulin resistant.

Imagine that each cell is a small energy factory with doors that are kept locked. Insulin is the “key” that will unlock the door and let sugar enter to be converted into energy.

With an abundance of unused sugar floating around in the blood stream, some of it attaches to the door lock and prevents insulin from inserting its key so the doors become insulin insensitive (blocked) and no longer work.
There are several types of Diabetes

At this time there are two significant forms of this disease and the reasons and chances of developing the disease are varied in each type.

Juvenile or type 1 diabetes can develop at every stage of life, but it is frequently detected in youngsters, teenagers, or young adults. With this type of disease, the human body creates limited or zero insulin and everyday injections of insulin are required. The specific origin of this type has not been completely documented at the present time, but is the subject of much research.


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