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Diabetes and Pregnancy /hindi/ मधुमेह और गर्भावस्था

मधुमेह और गर्भावस्था
Diabetes and Pregnancy /hindi/
The person suffering from diabetes need to pay too much attention to your health if diabetes
No woman wants to be pregnant, suffering from then has to take care of him. Both diabetes as well as a woman’s pregnancy has Jacha and treatment. But today many Daybitik woman has given birth to a healthy baby girl Daybitik This means that the right care and doctor’s advice may lead to a healthy baby.

Daybitik pregnancy than women in general, women face more complications
have to do. Daybitik women during pregnancy or the baby or both could face complications but in today Daybitik woman giving birth to a normal child.

 Early pregnancy
Daybitik woman should get to your doctor before getting pregnant should consult and what time I have to be pregnant. The doctor will determine your blood Jacha of how much control you have diabetes in the next 7 to 11 weeks Payengi. You should see your doctor Kounsligan.

Blood sugar levels
By reducing the amount of sugar in the blood means that the amount of glucose in the blood or level control is through your diet plan or of exercises.My. 2 or 4 weeks until the child does not know of pregnancy until the woman runs. If the sugar content is higher during pregnancy may cause the baby to be born on or miscarriage can happen.

The impact on women, children Daybitik
Daybitik women are more prone to illness in children. Macro Samia Daybitik like illness to children of women is higher. Pregnant woman in blood sugar levels due to high glucose levels in children are more likely to grow. If the child exceeds the amount of sugar it takes the form of fat. The child becomes thicker and have great difficulty at birth has to be done about this situation cesarean. Daybitik a high content of sugar if the woman after delivery of the baby’s blood sugar gets too low, but it is rarely seen.

 Taking drugs to diabetes in pregnancy
According to Fijishian diabetes during pregnancy, pregnant women can take medicines. Many times during pregnancy is very much in need of insulin. Your Fijishian insulin medicines you may not know by now, but the drug is not safe or missing.

food and drink
Daybitik women during pregnancy diet plan your doctor’s advice should be taken that could control your sugar and calorie rich to give to the child.

Time of birth
Women who have diabetes control levels can easily lead normal child. If diabetes is not a controlled level so Fijishian fast delivery advice given between 38 and 39 weeks is unrest.

Labor Pains and delivery
Labor Pains in the blood sugar levels need to be controlled. If a pregnant woman Daybitik taking insulin injections so he can take insulin during Labor Pains. But after delivery does not require insulin. Neural tube defects in children to prevent women taking folic acid Spliment require.


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