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Diabetes Wounds-Case Study 4






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Name of Patient : Zahara Binti Ramli

Gender : Female

Age : 58

Race : Malay

Country : Malaysia

City/Town : Banting/N.Selangor

Date of Treatment :16/02/2005-12/12/2005

Symptom : Diabetes Wounds-Type 2 Diabetes

Sugar level :10-12 mmol/L

After treatment : 6-7 mmol/L

Patient recommended by Diabetes Wounds-Case Study 3

She suffering from diabetes-type 2 since 2 years,with using

insulin injection.Actually,doctor suggest she using insulin without

using diabetes pills due to she unable to monitor daily uses of

pills to maintain blood sugar levels.She also diagnosis kidney

failure around 5%(medical report).

Diabetes Foot wounds is caused by foot ulcers and

effect difficult healing.She every day dressing in clinic,every

month need to medical check-up for the foot ulcers in hospital.

She suffering Diabetes foot wounds around 6 months,

the foot wounds still can’t getting healing and become more

worse,and start wondering foot will be amputation.

Overview,her left leg and surrounding foot wounds slightly

swelling and abscess,becouse of kidney problem.

Method of treatment which provide is almost the same

with wounds case-study 3,but only different with usages

product.Patient only using product Cellfood (priority),

Guarana,Sea Cucumber Extract,Tropical gel

Combination Of Products

1) Cellfood

For Internal Use,

1st weeks:10 drops 3 times/day

2nd weeks an onwards:12 drops 2 times/day

For External Use,

Method Refer to Diabetes Wounds-Case study 1

2) Sea Cucumber Extract

For Internal Use only,

1st weeks-4th weeks :3 tea spoon 3 times/day

4th weeks an onwards :2 tea spoon 2 times/day

3) Guarana- Energy seeds,Tropical gel,Spirulina

For internal and external use,

-Refer to Diabetes Wounds- Case Study 1

Treatment schedule for this patient

1st weeks-5 days continue dressing(patient house)

2nd weeks-2 days 1 times

3rd weeks onwards-3 days 1 times

After 2 months onwards-1 times/weeks

(Treatment fees is free of charges,patient only

pay for product)

Treatment including

-Checking blood sugar levels

-Dressing foot wounds

-Analyst wounds condition status

-Daily medicine and products advice

-Reflexology-soft massages surrounding wounds

Why Diabetes Foot Wounds Getting Slow Healing?

For this case study, diabetes wounds especially foot ulcers

or wounds take longest to healing, even well control of

blood sugar levels, proper monitoring dressing, compare to

others diabetes wounds.

This patient take around 10 months completed wounds healing.

Daily insulin injections are required from 2 times per day,

have been reduced to 1 times injection, after 2 months

treatment. Maintain a normal glucose level 6-7 mmol/L.

Medical report was shown that kidney problem become normal

after 2 months treatment, when patient follow-up check-up

second months in general Hospital.

Some of the reason why diabetes foot wounds getting slow

-Patient frequently walking.

-Blood circulation for foot blockage.

-Not control for eating food like seafood,egg,beans,dessert,

instant noodles.

-Not completely use combination product due to can’t effort

to pay cost of use product continuously during several

months.Only use main important product (cellfood,tropical


-Reduce intake product daily.

-Foot skin too thick, getting long period to grow out.

This topic,I will discuss in next Post more deeply and clearly

base on my experience treatment.

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