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Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels-Everyday Life for Children With Diabetes-The Woodlands-Type 1 diabetes c

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While insulin injections or infusion allow a person with T1D to stay alive, they do not cure the disease, nor do they necessarily prevent the possibility of the disease’s serious effects, which may include: kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage, amputations, heart attack, stroke, and pregnancy complications.
Although type 1 diabetes is a serious and difficult disease, treatment options are improving all the time, and people with T1D can lead full and active lives. JDRF is driving research to improve the technology people with T1D use to monitor blood sugar levels and deliver the proper doses of insulin, as well as research that will ultimately deliver a cure.
Diagnosing Diabetes:
– A1C Test – measures your average blood glucose for the past 2 to 3 months. If the score is equal to or greater than 6.5%, diabetes is present. The primary advantage of being diagnosed using this test is that there is no requirement to fast or drink anything. A score of less than 5.7% would be normal and no presence of diabetes. A score between 5.7% and 6.4% is a prediabetes indication.
– Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) – A two hour test that checks your blood glucose levels before and 2 hours after you drink a special sweet drink. It tells the doctor how your body processes glucose. Diabetes is diagnosed at 2 hour blood glucose of greater than or equal to 200 mg/dl
– Random (aka Casual) Plasma Glucose Test – This test is a blood check at any time of the day when you have severe diabetes symptoms. Diabetes is diagnosed at blood glucose of greater than or equal to 200 mg/dl The full set of credits is listed here http://broadcaster.beazil.net/public/credits/youtube/videos/183675 You’re the reason for our success. Every dollar we put toward research comes from donations. So when you support JDRF with your time, talent, voice and, yes, your money, you enable us to advance even more research. There are many ways to join the JDRF family, but for 45 years there has been only one reason—because we are the organization that will turn Type One into Type None. Take Action – Don’t be indifferent! Multiply the millions of people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) by the hours of sleep lost, finger pricks, insulin injections and pump site changes necessary to manage this disease, and it is clear — T1D takes up too much space in our lives. This November help JDRF raise awareness and educate others on life with T1D.
Juvenile Diabetes fund for the arts Southern Indiana Chapter Alfred Gerriets sponsorship https://www.facebook.com/fundforthearts/posts/10153882960317258 The Woodlands has been one of the best-selling master-planned communities in Texas since 1990, and is currently #1 in Texas and #3 in the nation. There are more than 31,890 single-family homes and more than 11,380 apartments, condominiums and town homes in The Woodlands. The community has more than 105,283 residents and reported home sales of 1,007 in 2012, 945 in 2011, 786 in 2010 and 633 in 2009. More than 40 homebuilders are building new homes in The Woodlands. The community features one of the largest selections of new homes in the Houston area. Health Care & Social Assistance sector comprises firms providing health care and social assistance for individuals. The sector includes both health care and social assistance because it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the boundaries of these two activities. The industries in this sector are arranged on a continuum starting with providing medical care exclusively, continuing with those providing health care and social assistance and finally finishing with only social assistance. The services provided in this sector are delivered by trained health practitioners and social workers with requisite experience.
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