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Diabetes Care (Final Year Project)

A problem that is commonly faced by diabetes patients is that they can’t portray their information regarding their diet, medication and exercise and they have to go to doctors for their medical checkups and sugar tests and in some cases such clinics are too far away from those areas and the checkup routine is also periodic so the rise and fall in health remains hidden from the doctor. Diabetes patients need customized treatment therefore doctors need to know detailed information about the patients, their diet, exercise and other routine activities. Patients also get bored from the continuous healthcare and with the passage of time their motivation decreases and they start skipping the essential activities which play important role in their health.
This Project focuses on all needs and requirements of both doctors and patients and provides solution of all problems in the form of mobile based application which will let the patients and doctors communicate with each other and will be used for the virtual and continuous treatment and monitoring of diabetic patient.
This Project also consists of some social features to interact with other patients and share experience with each other. This Project also contains the persuasive and motivational features which will help the patients to keep motivated towards healthcare activities. Patients can also compete with each other to get the rank in highest health achiever patients or patient of the week competition and the reminders will also help them in taking medicines, exercises and balanced diet. So after using this application healthcare will become an entertainment activity and part of daily life.

Project Develop By
Muhammad Waseem Panhwer
Waqas Qadeer
Shoaib Ahmad

Supervised by
Dr Hamid Mukhtar
Maajid Maqbool



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