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Diabetes - Diabetes Types | Diabetes Symptoms &Treatments

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Symptoms of Diabetes
When human body isn’t able to decompose the carbohydrates present in the food due to malfunctioning of pancreas, it causes diabetes. Pancreas might not be either able to cope up with the amount of insulin to be produced in respect to carbohydrates intake or the produced insulin might not be effective enough. Both conditions can also occur simultaneously.
Diabetes is however classified into two categories: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 resembles to the situation when pancreas can’t produce enough insulin required by the body. But the disappointing fact is that the reason of pancreas not capable to producing insulin is not known. It might be due to some reactions within cells, viral or other infections. Type1 diabetes is generally known as insulin dependent diabetes or IDD. Type 2 resembles the condition when the insulin is produced but in excess so that cells can’t respond properly to the anti-diuretic hormones produced. Type2 occurs mostly in middle age and chances are that it can be found mostly in younger overweight people. Most likely affected areas include African, Caribbean and South Asian people at younger age. People who are most likely to get affected apart from these areas includes white people over age 40 years, family having history of diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, heart diseases. Both of the condition causes lack of insulin in the body. However symptoms depend mostly on the type of diabetes. Most of the symptoms in Men and women are same. Many people in today’s life are affected by diabetes but the surprising fact is some of them still aren’t aware about their condition. This condition of diabetes can occur in any age or gender however most chances are that it’ll occur in old age. Diabetes isn’t caused by eating sugar or sweet, stress (though it is just a symptom), accident or illness. Also it is not a communicable disease.
In case of type 1 diabetes when pancreas is unable to produce insulin then glucose quantity in our body increases instantly. And when there is increased quantity of insulin in the body then the cells can’t work properly and it is referred as insulin resistance, this is type 2 diabetes. Hence when there is extreme quantity of glucose in the blood but can’t be used as fuel, people often feel tired, pass large amount of urine and extremely thirsty. Now whichever is the condition the problem is all about insulin, so it is necessary to take essential steps to create insulin or making the present insulin effective. A proper diet chart and routine exercise is always recommended for a healthy lifestyle.
Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes: These symptoms develop quickly and are caused due to high blood sugar. You might mistake the symptoms as some illness in start but they are quite dynamic in nature.
• Increased Urination
• Feeling Thirsty: Now because of the increased function in kidney and more frequent urination you will require to drink more and more water in order to get rid of dehydration.
• Losing Weight: You might start losing some weight in spite of continuous eating or regular exercise.
• Increased Hunger: You will often feel hungry due to the loss of most of sugar calories in urine that you are not able to use.
• Feeling Tired: There might be unusual fatigue and tiredness, even nausea.
• Blurry Vision: Sugar builds up in the eye lens and sucks extra water that tends to change the shape of the eye lens and blurs your vision in turn, thus causing a blurry vision.

Diabetes 2 Symptoms: It was also called non-insulin dependent diabetes. This is the most common type of diabetes most of the people are suffering from. Even some of the symptoms match that are in Type1 like fatigue, weight loss, unwanted thirst, urination, and excessive hunger. However there are more symptoms. However the symptoms may also vary from person to person.
• Dehydration: When there is increase in sugar level in the body kidney tends to take it out from blood that causes increase in urination. This increment in urination can cause dehydration in the body.
• Hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetic coma
• Damage to the Body: By the time the excess of sugar in blood will damage the nerves and small blood vessels of the eye, kidneys and heart and may cause heart attack by hardening arteries which is termed as atherosclerosis.

The best way to tackle or keep out of reach of this disease you should follow a healthy life with good diet chart. Also a regular checkup must be done in case you might overlook the symptoms at early stage.

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