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Diabetes Diet And Microwave Cookbook For Seniors Updated & Revised For 2016 Complete E-Book

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If you have read my other diabetes books, you know that my hubby was taken from me when he much too young to leave me, his family, and this old world behind. He died due to heart disease brought on by diabetes. That old killer, diabetes, started working on his organs before we even knew he had the disease. I am writing these series of diabetes books in order to educate you on the subject of diabetes and to warn you of the horrific consequences of not being properly diagnosed along with helping you to plan your diet and lifestyle so that your body can fight diabetes early on before it is too late.did you think you had to eat a boring unsatisfying diet just because you are suffering from diabetes? Then you are in for a treat and a surprise as you read this book. This microwave cookbook is full of delicious foods that can be cooked right in your microwave and the recipes contain mouth-watering delicious foods that will delight even the most adventurous appetites.i started using my microwave many long years ago when I was rearing my large family, and I learned just how to use it to turn out mouth-watering recipes, and to save time in the kitchen so I can get outdoors and do the things I love to do


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