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Diabetes diet for vegetarians //hindi//

शाकाहारी लोगों के लिए मधुमेह आहार
Diabetes diet for vegetarians //hindi//
Stressful living and working in the round proper diet is very necessary. Currently, people work too much, and his mine – is not able to focus on food. Many people have the problem of diabetes ie Daybtij. Daybtij every meal if you think the patient – must understand that the amount of sugar and not much enlarged. For this you also need to exercise considerable vigilance. People who are Shakahri Daybtij them due to food – such as potatoes, rice, etc. The food is forbidden. So, what to eat in front of them, making it difficult not to increase their body sugar levels. If such foods are sugar levels that create a level of research has since proved. Vegetarian food in vegetables, fruits and pulses can take is to make your body healthy and energy holds us. American Healthy Foods Daybtik a vegetarian diet chart made for patients. Which covers all types of food, the eating sugar levels of patients remain accurate and Energy, will remain in his body. 7 days for the diet chart that contains plentiful protein and low sugar foods are included. In addition to this plan, a sugar patient should eat something every two hours. Doing so is the equivalent level of sugar in the body.


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