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Diabetes during Pregnancy

Women in the study of over 21,765 individuals that were physically active prior to the pregnancy were 23 percent less likely to develop gestational diabetes. This number is significant in the control and prevention of this condition. In addition to controlling the gestational diabetes there are other health benefits for both the mother and the baby that are identified with a safe and effective exercise program prior to and during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you need to lower your blood glucose levels as much as you can. You need to get them to as close to normal as possible. This is significant during your first trimester, because high blood glucose levels can cause a miscarriage or birth defect.

Tackle Diabetes

The first and the foremost important step is to go for regular medical check-ups. Keeping a tab of your blood sugar level is very crucial at the time of pregnancy. In pregnancy there occurs an increase in the level of A1C in hemoglobin. An increase in the amount of A1C shows that there is a poor control over the blood sugar levels in your body. High glucose means high risk in pregnancy. This condition is fatal to both the fetus and the mother. Complications may be created at the time of delivery or the baby will be born with body defects.

Avoid taking pills for maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Ask any medical professional and he will advice you to switch over to insulin injections instead. Apart from this you need a constant monitoring of the sugar levels. It is recommended that you get your blood sugar checked about eight times a day. Check, if you are suffering from hypoglycemia. If you are, then get yourself treated.

Causes of Diabetes during Pregnancy

The reason for the development of diabetes during pregnancy is insufficient production of insulin in the mother’s body, as insulin is responsible for breaking down the sugar and release of energy. If the insulin level in the body decreases, the sugar level in the body rises, which can cause health problems as the high blood sugar are passed to the baby from the mother’s body through placenta.

The basic cause of diabetes during pregnancy is that, mother’s body is the sole supplier of glucose (sugar that results from the digestion of food) to the baby. This glucose is delivered to the baby through placenta. in return placenta produces certain hormones which helps the baby to develop, but on other hand these hormones prevents mothers body to use insulin and at later stage placenta increases these anti-insulin hormones which blocks the movement of glucose from the blood stream to the cell of the mother’s body.

There can be many cases that the woman may have pre existing diabetes. In that case the mother must be warned against the complicacies that may arise during pregnancy.

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