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Diabetes Early Warning Signs

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes experience abnormally high levels of sugar (known medically as glucose) in the blood. Normally, your pancreas creates a hormone called insulin to keep blood sugar levels balanced. Those with diabetes either don’t have enough insulin, or their bodies don’t respond to it correctly. 90 percent of those with a form of diabetes have the kind known as Type 2.

In the early stages, symptoms are sometimes unnoticeable and easy to overlook. Gradually, the following warning signs of diabetes appear.

* You experience excessive fatigue and a general lack of energy and motivation as your body constantly compensates for the lack of glucose.

* There can be an unintentional or unexpected weight loss or weight gain. Lack of sugar causes your body to “think” it’s starving. It burns proteins as a result. Meanwhile, craving sugary food can put on pounds quickly.

* Mood changes and irritability often occur along with a general feeling of fatigue and unwellness.

* You need to urinate much more often, as your kidneys work harder to eliminate glucose.

* You’ll bcome unusually thirsty, as fluids you lose need to be replaced.

* You get more hungry, more often, due to wings in in blood sugar levels.

* Your mouth frequently feels dry from a lack of oral moisture due to low fluid levels. Recurring gum problems are another warning sign.

* Vision deteriorates as high blood sugar affects the anatomy of the eyes. It begins with blurriness, and can eventually lead to vision loss if left untreated.

* Headaches happen more often and get worse as diabetes progresses.

* You’re more prone to infections from cuts and bruises that don’t heal in a timely fashion. Blood vessel damage from diabetes compromise the healing process of minor injuries.

* Numbness, tingling, a burning sensation and swelling occur in the extremities (hands and feet) as a result of nerve damage.

* Skin color changes, especially in the neck, groin and armpit, Skin feels generally itchy (especially prominent in the groin area).

* Yeast infections happen more often, especially in women. Bacteria and fungi thrive in a sugary environment.

The purpose of this video has been to provide quick, basic information about early warning signs of diabetes.

And remember, you should always rely only on advice from a medical professional for a diagnosis of any symptoms you may be experiencing.


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