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Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy (Diabetes Help Video)

Find out more here @ www.diabetictalks.com

Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy combines traditional talk therapy and counseling with certified diabetes education to resolve, management and emotional issues. For more information go to, http://www.diabetictalks.com.

To contact Eliot LeBow LCSW, CDE: (917) 272-4829 or eliot.lebow@gmail.com

Eliot LeBow is a Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience living with diabetes. “I have dedicated my life to helping other people with diabetes.”

Mr. LeBow works with people in the New York Metro Area and online via Skype.

He treats individuals with diabetes of all ages—and their loving families, too. Mr. LeBow provides a safe, caring space to discuss the issues you face, while helping you create tactics to manage your diabetes and emotions.

If you’re ready to learn a toolkit of positive, life-saving tactics designed to help people manage all aspects diabetes, book an appointment TODAY! (917) 272-4829 or eliot.lebow@gmail.com


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