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Diabetes Health & Performance with Phil Graham - Podcast 228

I invite Phil Graham for a 2nd interview on the podcast and this time we discuss diabetes, something that is very close to Phil’s heart. In this interview we discuss the differences between type 1 and 2 diabetes, how to optimise it, the role of insulin, the importance of exercise, things you need to be aware of, optimising body composition with diabetes, health considerations, training considerations, micronutrient considerations, and more. I also delve into Phil’s transition out of bodybuilding and into the normal world of training for health and performance. An excellent show with a knowledgable and humble guy, and if you haven’t got a copy of his book, get one! http://www.diabeticmuscleandfitness.com

Phils links are:
Website: www.diabeticmuscleandfitness.com
Podcast: http://bit.ly/1ugQ4Px
Snapchat & Instagram: @philgraham01
Facebook: @philgrahamfitness

My links are:
Newsletter: http://bencoomber.com/newsletter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BenCoomber
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialb…
Instagram: http://instagram.com/bencoomber
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