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Diabetes Home Remedies | 5 Effective Remedies to Cure Diabetes

Cure diabetes naturally | 5 Most Effective Remedies To Cure Diabetes

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Diabetes is common and a very serious disease.
There are more than a billion people suffering from diabetes
This disease is quickly spreading and a lot of people think that it happens because of consuming a lot of sugar or sweets.
But that is not the actual case, Sugar is a source of glucose which enters our body tissues quickly
And energizes the body.
But to convert the sugar into energy
Insulin plays the most important role as
The food that we eat, our stomach breaks the food and separates the glucose
And sends the glucose to our blood and
This glucose then with the help of insulin enters the tissues of our body

Pancreas is the main source of insulin production.
And when the pancreas do not work properly then it also affects the production of insulin
Because of this, the glucose present in the blood cannot enter the tissues
And stays in the blood, which increases with time and the sugar levels also increase in the body
Which results in Diabetes
In some cases the pancreas stop working permanently because of which insulin production also stops.
This situation results in Diabetes Type 1

People who have a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and who exercise regularly
Their pancreas stay healthy and active
And even if those people consume a lot of sweet or glucose rich consumables
They do not get this disease.
Our body starts to get weaker when the sugar or glucose doesn’t convert into energy.
Which also leads to fatigue and weight loss.
Also when the glucose levels increase in the body then
We start to feel thirsty, eyes and mouth start to get dry
And due to the dryness in the eyes, the eye sight also gets affected
We also urinate more often and with our urine
the unused sugar and glucose finds its way out of the body
and this also results in genital itching

Diabetes also weakens metabolism and immune system of our body.
And when the body faces any other disease or fever
or if there is any wound in the body then the healing process gets very slow.


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