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Diabetes is a Vascular Disease

Diabetes is a Vascular Disease

Hypoglycemia is the most dangerous condition, second to anoxia. Even a small insulin overdose threatens you. Meticulous therapy does not evade hypoglycemia. In many patients treatment is followed by subclinical hypoglycemic symptoms. In order to protect themselves patients carry lumps of sugar. My presentation is devoted to type 2 diabetes.

“The most common cause of hypoglycemia is medications used to treat diabetes mellitus” You wonder why can’t medicine design a therapy which does not cause hypoglycemia? Since its theory of diabetes is flawed! Diabetes is diagnosed when blood glucose is elevated,. Diabetes is a rising hyperglycemia, accompanied by a deepening vasculitis. Medicine claims that rising blood sugar damages capillaries, which is known as glucose toxicity. In order to protect patient from glucose toxicity blood glucose has to be lowered, which is followed by hypoglycemia.

Dr Joseph R Kraft proved that the glucose toxicity theory is false. Vasculitis starts long before the diagnosis of diabetes. Kraft called this pre diabetic period, in situ diabetes. During in situ phase vasculitis evolves despite normal blood glucose. Kraft’s observations refute the glucose toxicity theory.

Medicine ought to examine Kraft’s data and correct its therapy. Unfortunately medicine has little to offer. It may be assisted by Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.


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