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Diabetes: Medication Overview (1/4)

An interprofessional speaker panel including Adventist Health Diabetologist Dr. Leonard Bertheau and Tara Berkson, PharmD will lead interactive discussions on navigating the latest best practices when caring for complex and high-risk patients with diabetes. Certified Diabetes Educator and RN, Cheryl Ortner, will share her insights on educating patients about lifestyle modifications and medication use.

Diabetes: The Ins and Outs of Insulin – A MEDS Ed seminar
Recorded on Sept. 1, 2016 at the CareOregon building, Portland, Ore.


Leonard Bertheau, DO
Diabetes and Endocrine Center
Adventist Health

Tara Berkson, PharmD
MEDS Ed Coordinator

Cheryl Ortner, RN, MSN, CDE
Diabetes & Endocrine Center
Adventist Health


“Diabetes: The Ins and Outs of Insulin” (PDF) – http://bit.ly/co-meds-ed-diabetes


MEDS Ed is an ongoing education series by CareOregon’s Pharmacy team. It’s geared to health care professionals involved in direct patient care at community clinics. Attendees leave with valuable tools and insights that improve how they can contribute to multi-disciplinary teams.

Each three-hour MEDS Ed session examines a disease state that highly impacts patient quality of life, requires complex management, and may lead to increased emergency department visits and inpatient stays. Speakers are pharmacists and clinicians from the community and from CareOregon staff.

For more information on MEDS Ed and future sessions: http://www.careoregon.org/LearningAndInnovation/MEDS-ed.aspx


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