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Diabetes medications - an expert overview

Pentucket Medical cardiologist Seth Bilazarian interviews his colleague, David Toth, an endocrinologist with Pentucket Medical. Dr. Toth talks about the explosion of Type 2 diabetes in America and around the world, as well as the multitude of options for diabetes medication. A highly useful overview of the benefits and risks of diabetes medications by groups or classes. of controlling blood sugars.

Dr. Toth practices endocrinology in Pentucket Medical’s Haverhill and Newburyport offices.

To speak to a Pentucket Medical endocrinologist, please call.
Haverhill, MA: (978) 521-3250
RiverWalk in Lawrence, MA: (978) 557-8900
Newburyport, MA (978) 499-7400

Pentucket Medical offers Cardiology care in the following locations:

Haverhill, MA: (978) 521-3288
RiverWalk in Lawrence, MA: (978) 557-8900
Newburyport, MA: (978) 499-7400


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