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Diabetes Myths and Truths

Following are most common myths and misconceptions about diabetes, diet and related issues:

Myth: Diabetes is just a little sugar problem – it’s not that serious

Truth: Diabetes is a constitutional disease that affects the whole body. Constantly high blood sugar levels eventually lead to various health complications such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, amputation and blindness. So, its serious.

Myth: Genetics and eating sweets cause diabetes

Truth: Eating sweets does not cause diabetes. Eating sweets makes you fat which can lead to diabetes. Family traditions such as cooking and eating habits have a much significant impact on the development of diabetes than genetics. If you have genetic predisposition to diabetes, you can still live a healthy life if you make better decisions in terms of choice of food, exercise and lifestyle.

Myth: There is no cure for diabetes – once a diabetic, always a diabetic

Truth: Increasing medical evidence suggests that making changes to the diet to improve the nutrition, exercise and better emotional health can prevent and control type 2 diabetes. Once the disease is under control, further lifestyle changes can help improve conditions even more.

Myth: Diabetes is not serious if you are taking pills instead of insulin

Truth: Diabetes should be taken seriously regardless of the mode of treatment. Today, we live in a society in which taking pills is considered normal. This attitude reduces the severity of the disease in the minds of many people. As people get “comfortable” with their disease it continues to progress and creates other complications.

Myth: I don’t need to test blood glucose because I can feel it.

Truth: Nobody can consistently determine their blood glucose level accurately based on how they feel. Very high and very low blood sugar levels do produce certain symptoms that help in estimating their levels. However, most people feel just fine even if their blood glucose level is above 180. Unless you do regular testing, you have no way of knowing if you are in the danger zone. Corrective actions can be taken only when you know that you have consistently elevated blood sugar levels. But, don’t overdo it. Some people who have home blood glucose testing equipments, do too much testing. This can lead to stress and anxiety if their readings are consistently high.

Myth: Drugs work better than diet and lifestyle changes

Truth: Drugs work better in the short term. In the long term, diet and lifestyle changes can reverse diabetes, but not drugs. Most people like taking drugs instead of making changes to their lifestyle and diet. This is due to the intolerance of the society as a whole to pain and suffering. Also, most people believe that drugs “work” because they are advertised to do so. A diet of complex carbohydrates, protein and whole foods combined with lifestyle changes can help in blood sugar control and allow the body to restore insulin sensitivity.

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