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Diabetes -- Not cureable -- but contolable

 Diabetes — Not cureable — but contolable

Diabetes is a disease that yet incurable. This is one of the reasons that it may be very difficult for a person to accept the fact that they are diabetic, when they have been diagnosed with this disease. It also to record that the effect and impact already set on way in hidden way. It can be very hard to accept the fact that you have something that cannot be cured. However, the good news is that diabetes can be treated. Though it is controllable yet many do not try.

The treatment that you will have to undergo will depend on the severity of your diabetes. If it has went untreated for years then you may have to take insulin shots to help control your blood glucose levels. Other complications may also have developed creating the need for other medications.

If your diabetes has not created other complications then you may be able to avoid any from occurring through the use of exercise and diet. You will also need to purchase a glucose meter to check your blood glucose levels. The key to keeping diabetes under control is keeping your sugar level as close to normal as possible.

You do this through checking your readings as often as possible and recording the results to see how well you are doing. Although there is no cure for diabetes, you can live a long happy life by controlling the disease instead of letting it control you.

Living with diabetic type II is not hard enough but will to control is in demand by the body. Control on your hand full of sweetness to your self mouth. By this way you will do two things at one time that is You are avoiding too much food that is having sugar ( keep in mind too nothing is sugar free in this world) second good act  could be offering your small food to others who have not taken in this universe.

Peoples die after taking food than empty stomach.

Your health is not only your personal property rather social property so Keep it for us.

Source by Dr. Ripudaman Singh

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