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Diabetes Patients Don't Need To Exercise--Just 'Sit Less'

A new study reveals that for people with type 2 diabetes, better blood sugar control may be as easy as getting up off the couch and standing every so often, or taking a gentle stroll. According to UPI, Dutch researchers noted that “moderate to vigorous” exercise is often recommended for people with diabetes — but most patients don’t comply with that advice. This small new study suggests that even sitting a bit less might be of real benefit. One diabetes expert in the United States agreed with that advice. Dr. Robert Courgi is an endocrinologist at Northwell Health’s Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, New York. He said, “For years, I would suggest an exercise regimen to my patients that I knew was doomed to failure.” However, he said that “by tweaking the message a bit, the odds of success increase significantly. He explained, “Ultimately, any activity helps lower blood sugar. The message of ‘sitting less’ will have a higher success rate than exercise regimens of the past.” Current physical activity guidelines call for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a week to help prevent type 2 diabetes. But the study authors pointed out that nine out of 10 people fail to meet this guideline.


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