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Diabetes sufferers in UAE among top 10 in the world

In 2000, WHO reported that 13.5 per cent of the UAE population was diabetic, the second-highest prevalence of the disease in the world; this figure is expected to rise to 19.3 per cent by 2030. The report also said over 50 per cent of men and women in the UAE were overweight or obese.

Diabetes is related to obesity. Carrying extra body weight and body fat go hand and hand with the development of type II diabetes. People who are overweight are at much greater risk of developing type II diabetes than normal weight individuals.

Being overweight puts added pressure on the body’s ability to properly control blood sugar using insulin and therefore makes it much more likely for you to develop diabetes.

In UAE 50 per cent of men and women are overweight due to change in life style and eating habits. According to government statistics UAE consumer ate 18 percent more meat per capita than the global average last year and meat imports has risen by more than 47% in 2008.

Foods sold in retail outlets consist of 75-80 per cent imported consumer-ready products, and 20-25 per cent locally processed foods. With the exception of fresh tomatoes and a small quantity of fresh vegetables used in the production of frozen vegetables, almost every ingredient used in locally produced food is imported.

Five years ago we used to go back home after school for lunch, now it is common to eat out after school as our parents are busy working.

Eating out and ordering food is common in UAE, school children use their pocket money to dine out with their friends without parents guiding them what to eat. This habit has helped creating obese kids which leads to other health complications early in their life.

Combine unbalanced diet with lack of exercise and you will create perfect formula for obesity. Walking or cycling is not part of our daily routines and we spend more times watching TV, on average three hours a day. Not to mention snacking while watching TV, studies has linked weight gain to watching TV and we all know that we eat more while watching TV.

Fast food industry has been blamed for obesity in UAE, they are everywhere and their meal is cheap. It is easy to blame them and shifting responsibility from family to them, I question what parents has done in educating their kids about eating healthy and what families has done in introducing healthy food to their menu.

First step in tackling Diabetes is losing weight, without slimming down it will be difficult to control diabetes and high blood pressure. To slim down we need to reduce our consumption of food rich in animal fat and eating more vegetables which is not common part of our diet and

educated our school kids about healthy food is. Encouraging them to eat more greens and fruits otherwise we will never fall of the list of top 10 Diabetic sufferers in the world.

Source by Kate Jhon

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