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Diabetes Treatment - 8 Ways to Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity

Hi, Welcome to our YOUTUBE channel. Here we are going to tell you different ways of treating diabetes. These are all proven ways of treating diabetes. These will increase your insulin sensitivity. Insulin is a hormone which act as key to glucose absorption in the body. If body is less sensitive to insulin the glucose level in blood increases and patient sugar level will cross the optimum level of blood sugar. No , the question is why we are resistant to insulin?. In our body mainly carbohydrates is converted into glucose .More carbohydrates we eat and more insulin is needed to consume the glucose so formed. So our pancreas has to work hard for more and more production of insulin. So after working overtime for a long duration the working capacity of pancreas decreases which leads to less production of insulin. When amount of insulin is more in our body for long duration , the boy cells become less responding to it and develops resistant to it.
Main diseases that occur due to insulin resistance are:-
-Type 2 diabetes
– Metabolic syndromes
– Thyroid problems
– Some kind of cancer
But good news is that insulin resistance can be reserved by bringing changes in life style and diet. First thing you have to do is exercise regularly because even a single walk can reduce your blood sugar level. Avoid sitting to much because research has find out that sitting for long duration can reduce the body responses. If you smoke then you have to quit smoking because smoking adds to blood sugar level and made body less reactive to insulin. Reduce your weight if you are overweight because reducing 5 % body weight reduces the risk of diabetes by 50 percent. Interment fasting is one of the way of treating diabetes as it can increase insulin sensitivity . You should have fast for at least 16 hours.

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