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Diabetes Treatments - 5 Diabetic Diets Plan for Weight Loss Part 2

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5 Diabetic Diets Plan for Weight Loss – Part 2
3. The Diabetes Breakthrough
Breakthrough is an at-home guide based on the Joslin Diabetes Center’s Why WAIT program, which attacks weight loss from all angles, including diet, exercise, medication adjustments, behavior change, and education. The program has been clinically shown to produce an average weight loss of 25 pounds in 12 weeks and a 50-60 percent reduction in diabetes medications.

Diabetes focus:
The book includes how to talk with your doctor about choosing “weight-friendly” diabetes medications. It also emphasizes a protein-rich diet and strength-training exercises to keep and build muscle mass, which helps maintain good metabolism. People with diabetes lose more muscle than other people when they restrict calories. This program cuts the loss of muscle mass in about half of the typical amount in other plans.

What you eat:
To keep calories and blood sugar in check, you consume a meal replacement drink, such as Boost Glucose Control, at breakfast and lunch for the first six weeks. For dinner you choose from 14 structured menus with recipes. Snack options are provided, too. Fish, poultry, and lean meat servings average 6-8 ounces at dinner rather than the typical 3 ounces that are normally recommended. Colorful vegetables and high-fiber whole grains are also promoted.

4. Nutrisystem D
This program ships you portion-controlled foods that are nutritionally formulated and tested for good blood sugar control. Extensive online resources help you modify food-related behaviors, boost activity, and gain peer and professional support.

Diabetes focus:
Nutrisystem has counselors, registered dietitians, and certified diabetes educators available to assist you by phone. Minimizing peaks and valleys in blood glucose is a big help in reducing cardiovascular disease risk. Once you meet your weight goal, complete the company’s transition and weight-maintenance program.

What you eat:
People choose from about 150 different Nutrisystem ready-to-go and frozen foods that are healthier versions of favorite foods, supply about 65 percent of the day’s calories. You round out your diet with small amounts of dairy products and nuts, plus fresh fruits and vegetables, and follow a structured plan of five or six small meals and snacks daily.

5 Diabetic Diets Plan for Weight Loss – Part 1 video:

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