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Diabetes Type 2, Reverse to a Healthy Life; John C. Butler's Testimony

John C. Butler, Esquire, was a practicing attorney in Woodbury, New Jersey, when type 2 diabetes ended his career and almost ended his life. He was suffering from a blind left eye (retinopathy), hearts disease, high blood pressure, and a list of other complications too long to recount here, all related to his diabetes. John felt he would suffer the fate of both his parents and succumb to the disease. Fortunately, he discovered the God-given plan that has led him back to health–diabetes free health! He would like to share that life saving, health saving, quality of life restoring plan with you.

About the program:

Health science is just that–a science. It is a discipline that if learned and applied, can add years of disease-free, quality living to our lives. No one knows health science better than our Maker. Yet, many people have no idea that religion can teach anything about science–in this case, health science. But to the sheer delight of many, those who have applied the Bible’s teachings about health principles have discovered that God, indeed, knows more about health–how to keep it and how to regain it–than anyone else! It is our hope that this seminar will convince you to personally try out God’s counsel and experience first-hand the wisdom of His insightful ways!
-Mark Jagitsch, Pastor, Tranquility Seventh-day Adventist Church

– Dr. José H.Cortés, President of Seventh-day Adventist Church in New Jersey
– James Greene, Vice-Presdident
– Modesto Vázquez, Vice President for Finance
– Jorge F. Pillco, Assistant to the President for Media Ministries

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