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Diabetes Type 2 Surgery India

Type-2 diabetes has reached epidemic proportions, and medical science is exploring new methods to tackle this problem.  Diabetes type-2 surgery in India, also known as Ileal transposition, is one such solution to this problem.  This surgery works on selected patients and treats by cutting down the level of blood sugar within six months.

About Ileal Transposition

Ileal transposition is a surgical intercession done laparoscopically, with small surgical incisions made on the abdomen.  It is done under general anesthesia.  In this procedure, a segment of last part of the small intestine is dissected and interposed into the 2nd part of small intestine, beyond the stomach.  Therefore, after the interpolation, the terminal part of the ileum is equidistant between the jejunum and the immediate part of the ileum is connected to the large intestine.  The procedure does not remove any part of the intestine and maintains its length, which allows normal access for any future endoscopic vision, and most importantly, the food is not diverted, which helps in maintaining the nutritional status of the patient.

Eligibility Criteria for Insulin Surgery, India

Surgery is done in a situation when the health of the patient is continuously declining even after medications and life style changes suggested by the doctor.  The surgeon generally prefers to conduct Ileal transposition on thin patients with normal weight and less than 65 years of age.

Patients with uncontrolled sugar level and high genetic predisposition along with imminent danger of complications to organs like eyes, heart, or kidney are best suited for the surgery.

Post operative tips

  • Patient has to be on liquid diet for at least 2 days and should prefer semi-solid diet for about six days, after the surgery.
  • Small quantities of food are suggested after the first week of the procedure.  The food is to be taken in regular intervals of 3 to 4 hours.
  • The patient is suggested to take low carbohydrate diet after the procedure.  In addition to this, intake of protein rich diet is to be increased along with small amount of unsaturated fat from dry fruits.
  • Exercise routine after the surgery plays a very important role in the success of the surgery.  Long walks are suggested after two weeks of the surgery followed by aerobic exercise and weight training after 3 months of the procedure.

Success of Diabetes Type II Surgery

The success rate of diabetes type II surgery ranges from 80 to 100% depending upon the strict exercise and diet routines followed by the patients after the surgery.

Cost of type 2 Surgery in India

Cost of diabetes 2 surgery in India can be as low as 20% of the cost in US.  Low cost of type II surgery attracts many medical tourists from US, UK, and other European nations, to come to India for treatment.  Low cost does not mean slandered of treatment is compromised, as bariatric surgery centers in India are equipped with advanced technology and provide state of art facilities to medical tourists.

Therefore, high quality healthcare at affordable cost is making India one of the favorite destinations for medical tourists from western countries.

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