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Diabetes What Causes it?-Learn The Diabetes Facts Now!

This is a very big question and needed a good answer. The truth is that diabetes what causes it has not been obviously identified. As there is still a mystery in it. The medical scientists have not been capable to tell us, that’s why certain folks are diabetes victims whereas others are not. Having said that, there are particular factors which can lead to diabetes. All those factors are regarded as diabetes risk factors and somebody must try to triumph over the severe disease called “diabetes”.

Somebody May Ask, Is Diabetes Inherited?

The truth is that if diabetes is well-known to run in the lineage for a number of years, in that case, heredity plays very big role in development of diabetes. Folks who belong to family background having history of diabetes are 25 percent more likely to develop diabetes.

In a case of twins, one may perhaps have diabetes and the other may be disease free or two of them may have it. In spite of all these, proper care have to be taken to control diabetes, by keeping up the blood glucose level normal of the expectant mother, in order not to pass the disease into her child. Do you know that family history of diabetes mellitus is present in about 5.5%-11.6% of the victims?

Let’s Look at The Information on Diabetes or What Leads to it.

=The commonest inclining factor for diabetes is age. It has been observed that as someone grows older, above 45yrs of age mainly, in them the chances to develop the disease are increased.

=The main factor responsible for causing diabetes is diet. Plenty of proteins, fats, carbohydrates are detrimental to the body. As our body needs a balanced diet to generate energy for performing very important functions. Excessive of food, hampers the pancreas from performing its function of insulin secretion. Therefore, with insufficient insulin secretion, the blood sugar level rises, thereby leading to diabetes mellitus. Generally, some folks are in the habit of eating foods rich in refined carbohydrates, like cakes, bread, biscuits, chocolate, ice creams, and so on. As a result, the occurrences of diabetes increased in such an individuals.

=Frequent smokers are very much at risk of developing diabetes at short intervals. They are very much prone of developing retinopathy and joint immobility. If the diabetic patient does not STOP SMOKING then there are chances of untimely death.

Also, particular races like Asian American, Native American, and African American, Pacific Island descent or Hispanic are at the main risk factor to develop mellitus diabetes.

=Obesity is as well another main factor. Unnecessary body weight as compared to the height of a person, serves as an inclining factor for diabetes mellitus. Generally it is seen in patients at 40yrs of age going through Type 2 non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. As a result of the additional amount of fat in the body, the insulin does not work as it should in the body. Generally, the major function of Insulin is to let the sugar present in the blood to make a way into the muscle and tissue cells. The muscle and tissue cells become resistant to insulin as a result of increased fat in the body, thereby leading to high blood sugar level in blood (hyperglycemia) and eventually diabetes.

=Virus infections can as well result in diabetes causes. Some virus like Coxsackie B virus can taint the pancreas, thus leading to damaging of Beta (B) cells of Islets of Lange home, in the end impairing the let go of insulin and increased blood sugar levels.

Today, the way of life of many folks have significantly changed. As folks no more consider exercises or physical work and instead prefer a relaxed life, thus spending long hours sitting on chair. They should know that the lesser active a someone is, the greater is the risk of developing the disease.

=Emotional stress can as well cause diabetes. Today, many folks have highly stressed life, busy, whole of time in daily/routine exertive works. Pancreatic insufficiency is counsel due to irregular and chaotic life style which deeply influences the metabolism of the body. Even worry, death of any close person, grief, anxiety etc. may alter the blood sugar level and lead to the disease.

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