Hello welcome to our You Tube channel today here in this video we are going to talk about DIABETIC DIET/FOODS TO AVOID IN DIABETES. If you want to know about diabetes diet plan easily then it’s a very easy way to get know about diabetic diet plan. Diabetic diet is a healthy eating plan that naturally rich in nutrients and low in fats and calories. Diabetic diet plan is the best eating plan for most everyone. Diabetic diet helps your body better use the insulin its produces or gets through medication. Food is an important tool that you can use control diabetes and stay healthy. Different diet plan might work better for different people.

You must know about diabetes before we talk about DIABETIC DIET /FOODS AVOID IN DIABETES. A healthy eating diet is also important for people with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes diet is important for people with type 1 diabetes to maintain proper blood sugar level control. Diet and regular exercise also play important roles in helping the keeps your blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease in rich the patients suffers from high level of glucose in the blood. . Diabetes is a group of metabolic disease by high blood sugar levels that result from defects in insulin secretion or its action or both. Blood glucose levels are controlled by insulin a hormones produces by the pancreas. Insulin lowers the blood glucose levels. Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that causes high blood sugar levels. Diabetes type 1 is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produce little or no insulin. Diabetes type 2 is chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar glucose. It is most common form for diabetes. It is also known as hyperglycemia.
• Foods for type 1 diabetes: Balanced diet is also important for people with type 1 diabetes and type 1 diabetes is Control the blood fats, control the blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight. These foods contains high amount of fats, sodium, calories, heart disease, uncontrolled blood sugar, and weight gain.
• Foods for type 2 diabetes: Carbohydrates which are found in grains, bread, milk, sweets and fruits and vegetables are broken down into glucose in the blood faster than other types of foods, which raises blood sugar levels.

To know more about DIABETIC DIET/FOODS TO AVOID IN DIABETES please watch this video.


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