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Diabetic Recipes

Diabetes is a condition where the body does not produce enough insulin. Insulin is essentially a hormone that converts sugar, starches and other food into energy that is require for us to function daily. Although the causes of diabetes have yet to be determined, it is attributed both to genetics and environmental factors, primarily obesity and lack of exercise.

There are on the whole 4 key types of diabetes are categorized as:
1. Type 1 Diabetes: It happens when body fails to produce insulin, which is the hormone that frees the cells to enable glucose to enter and recharge them.
2. Type 2 Diabetes: It occurs when the body fails to make the most of insulin correctly due to insulin resistance in addition to insulin deficiency.
3. Gestational Diabetes: It happens immediately after pregnancy.
4. Pre-diabetes: It is due to blood glucose level higher than normal but does not justify to be categorized as Type 2 diabetes.

Many of the symptoms of diabetes go undiagnosed because primarily they are so common. Certain common symptoms are recurrent urination, extreme thirst, acute hunger, abnormal weight loss, increased fatigue, irritability and unclear vision. When you are aware that you have one of the above symptoms, check with the doctor immediately. Early detection and treatment reduce the chances of getting complications from diabetes.

For those that are recently diagnosed with diabetes, chances are that you have a lot of questions that seek some answers. Try to ask around those who are afflicted with diabetes, search for info from the internet or get answer from diabetes’ clinic.

Although diabetes remains a mystery and no cure has been found up to now, the disease can be controlled with proper diet and exercise. There are a variety of healthy diabetic recipes that you can make yourself ranging from cakes to cookies, pies, bars and jam as well as salad and rice.

You can concoct a delicious fruit salad from fresh fruit, whipped topping, buttermilk, etc. In addition to, you can make diabetic fudge cake from unsweetened chocolate, butter, vanilla and artificial liquid sweetener, etc. Delicious diabetic strawberry or peach jam recipes are also available with just a few ingredients. All the recipes are easily organized and prepared without much of a hassle.

To stay healthy and manage your diabetic condition, you need to eat right and exercise. Even when you are down with diabetes, you can still go ahead with active lifestyles and participate in community activities as diabetes need not be draining to your health as long as you stick to a proper diabetic diet with the recipes mentioned.

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