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Diabetics And Teen Pop Sensation Nick Jonas

Apart from his doctors, his fans are also very concerned about his health as he is affected by diabetes. And this has brought diabetes to the from page of pop culture. One of the famous brothers of Jonas brothers Nick Jonas was not definitely trying to become famous for type 1 diabetes. But unfortunately he became famous for that. He took the center stage of fame at an young age of 17.


Nick Jonas was the picture of health for almost his entire childhood. It wasn’t until the fall of 2005 that the youngest Jonas brother noticed symptoms. Weight loss, constant thirst, and a poor attitude became commonplace for him. He was quoted saying that this behavior “was totally odd for me because I’m actually a nice person. And it was hard.” When his weight loss became so dramatic, he took time off from a tour to see a doctor. He was shocked to discover the diagnosis: Type 1 diabetes. With his blood sugar over 700, he was admitted into the hospital immediately.

Controlling diabetes

Nick Jonas was devastated. He was thinking that he will ever perform on stage ever. But to everyone’s surprise he performed on stage the same day he got discharged from the hospital. On a regular basis he is injected with insulin and checked his blood glucose level for 12 times a day. Then he was introduced to Omnipod by insulet after an year. He describes that it is awesome and he says he is not adhering to any special diet, he just takes enough insulin for what he eats.

Saving Others

He waited until he managed his diabetes well and now he even injects insulin in public amid flashes from paparazzi’s. Ever since Nick Jonas was diagnosed with diabetes he wanted to reveal it to public. He thinks his popularity can bring immense awareness on diabetes and this will save many people.

He knows that diabetes “is a huge part of my life and I can’t just forget about it, obviously. I have to keep taking care of it and managing it, and learning more things about it. Hopefully one day they’ll come up with some type of cure, and I hope I’ll be one of the first to know about it.” While Nick has not publicly acknowledged his use of supplemental health care options, he has made one thing very clear – a positive attitude can go a long way. There is little doubt that the optimism- perhaps the most natural treatment of all – he demonstrates on stage and in his young life translates to better health.

People who are looking to alternative diabetes care there are many number of options available. There are many number natural health options online. Apart from this we will also release our detailed on how to control diabetes naturally.


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