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DiaLog App - Diabetes Log and Carb Counter

In this video I am reviewing one of my friends apps. This app is a definit must for some, and just a cool app to others. This app has many different features check out the link below:

DiaLog – Diabetes Log and Carb Counter by JOHN DATTILO

Introducing a carb counter, calculator, and blood glucose log all in one.
*Carb counting just became much easier. Now on DiaLog you can simply tap on each item that you want from over 120,000 different restaurant items, and DiaLog will add them up and divide by your carbohydrate ratio
*While logging blood glucose DiaLog will send data automatically, using HealthKit, to the iPhone Health app. Here you can view graphs and more
*You can now sort your blood glucose readings from the last 30, 60, or 90 days and view each A1C, Minimum, and Maximum reading
*Eating at home? Put the number of carbs you are eating into the carbohydrate calculator and it will tell you the number of units to take rounded to two decimal places

Consult a healthcare provider for any health concerns.


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