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Diane Brandon: The Wellness Aspects of Sleep and Dreams

In this 39-minute live lecture, Diane presents the health effects and symptoms of inadequate sleep, followed by over two dozen tips for improved sleep. Diane continues with a discussion about dreams, how vital a tool they are, how to understand them, and how we can use them for personal development and optimizing health..

Read more about Diane’s background at http://www.dianebrandon.net/sub_bio.html

Diane Brandon is an expert on the inner workings of Intuition and specializes in teaching Right-Brain skills, including Intuition, Creativity, and Listening Skills, to others in a rational, left-brain fashion. She has created a conceptual model of intuition, in addition to her concept of the Inner Administrative Assistant, and is the author of two books.

Diane has had a natural aptitude for being whole-brain, being equally comfortable with both left-brain tasks and right-brain pursuits and has been a trail-blazer all her life.


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