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Diet Critiques, Sex, and Diabetes! The Ask Jim and Jay Show Ep. 09

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(02:09) 38 year old male, 5’10” who used to be super overweight. Critiquing his diet plan.
(11:33) Portion control of foods in this diet?
(14:32) Supplements that are important for this diet?
(18:14) Any reason why doctors won’t discuss METFORMIN on tv?
(22:00) who’s on METFORMIN
(26:50) Can taking creatine cause false readings on your bloodwork regarding kidney function?
(32:00) Supplement called PGX?
(37:00) For dieting purposes and watching carbs can you just look at the net carbs count?
(40:00) How does the body determine where nutrients go?
(44:00) When we’re not moving how to feed your brain
(45:42) How often are you guys sexually active?
(53:26) When is the best time to do an injection?
(58:00) Type 2 Diabetes is from lifestyle
(1:05:00) Don’t trust your dentist?
(1:06:40) Reverse negative effects of weaning off insulin
(1:10:30) Why inflammation is the key in heart health over cholesterol
(1:22:00) Preventative work for heart health
(1:23:00) Limited time for weightloss?
(1:25:00) New video training product!
(1:29:00) Abs are built in the kitchen
(1:30:00) The Jim and Jay CookBook
(1:30:20) How important is understanding iron levels in your blood to prevent internal organ oxydation?


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