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Diet Trend Warning

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Many have expressed concerns about the negative effects of the increasingly trendy “low carbohydrate, high fat” diet. Experts groups have finally issued a warning against the diet craze. Here is more.


Enthusiasm for the high fat diet can be traced back to a program that was aired last month which purported to exonerate fat. As the idea spread that a decrease in carbohydrates and an increase in fats would lead to weight loss, butter became unable to keep up with demand and sales of pork belly have surged. However, concerns have been voiced continuously about the extreme diet plan. Five major medical and nutritional research organizations including the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity warned that a high fat diet is ineffective for weight loss in the long term, and can lead to serious health risks. They stressed that hypertension and diabetes patients in particular should avoid the high fat diet, as it increases the risk of heart disease.

[Soundbite] Kim Dae-jung(Korean Society for the Study of Obesity) : “Extreme consumption of fat will leavethe body vulnerable to inflammation due to a change in the microorganisms in the intestines.”

The optimal diet recommended by the academic society is a balanced one that cuts back on sugars, with carbohydrates and fats respectively accounting for no more than 65 and 30 percent of the total calorie count.


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