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Dogs Diet. The Pet Right Food

 I have some heart wrenching facts to share with you about your dogs diet.

It all started with my friend losing her toy poodle tragically and he wasn’t even five years old. His imminent death was protracted over an extension of time, too painful too bear. A result of something you don’t read about in a magazine or even on your pet food ingredients list.

I tightened my hold on Paddington, my poodle cross pom, as she mournfully told me her story.Her dogs diet wasn’t even her fault. At least that was some consolation.

For those of you who have lost a beloved dog I feel  your pain and share your eagerness to see to your dogs diet for good health and well being. After all, it’s you he trusts implicitly.

I’ve done some research relative to my friend and her dogs horrific incident, and I’d like to share my findings with you and clear up your choice of what exactly to feed your dog for once and for all.And if you watch my video that prove my findings, you will experience that warm fuzzy feeling that only peace of mind about what you give your dog to eat, can give. And knowing how he/she really feels.

No more struggling with the decision of what to feed or how to feed your dog. Believe me I have done the research, had it confirmed by three experts, taken the advice, put it into practice and the reward…my dogs health is indescribable. His happiness and love of life is a sight to see.

If you love your dog as I do, you’ll probably, as I do, already reaching out to pet him or her, with a sense of knowing that what you’re about to find out is going to do you both a lot of good for a long time. Free up your mind of worry, enabling you to just release all of your love and affection on your dog. I remember when I got Paddington. When puppies became available they were taken up in no time. I had to be quick to get him. I remember when I finally chose him and they put him into my arms…I remember the instant bonding between us and my secret promise, in my heart, to take the best care of my dog that I humanly could.

Guess what? I went home and within the next three weeks he got three pieces of fatty sausage off the barbeque, and previous to that a piece of ham while I was making ham sandwiches for the kids school lunch. And he had a lick of bacon that I scraped from the frying pan just before packing it into the dishwasher.

You know how cute they are sniffing in the air at the aroma of the barbeque. You’re all standing around enjoying snacking off the barbeque. He looks up at you longingly and when you give him a small bit he responds eagerly and even jumps up for more. You feel his soft paws on your leg and when you see that eagerness in his face you just spoil him a little more..and a little more. You know what I mean. We’ve all done it.

Paddington was 20weeks old when my friend shared her devastating experience. Although I thought I was doing my duty and buying the most advertised ,best and expensive pet food, this cold fear that gripped my heart never left me until I got well and truly into this pet food research and began to find more information about my dogs diet.

Paddington was now 26weeks old and as research suggested, I checked his poo. You guessed it. It wasn’t healthy like the experts had described. And although I was giving the supposed ‘healthy’ snacks that the pet food adverts were insisting were so good for him. He even regurgitated some after his meal, despite the fact that I was giving the prescribed amount, being so careful not to over feed him. Now I am not a qualified vet or anything and I can’t make any medical claims but on several occasions he retched a yellow watery fluid which I’m willing to bet was pure bile. Poor Paddington. He must have felt quite wretched during those times. And I ask myself “what was in the pet food?”

Paddington turned a year old in August this year (2010).Guess what? He’s the happiest, healthiest, contented dog I’ve ever seen. No more lethargic days…and you know how your dog sometimes gets like a dryness in his mouth. You can hear how when he licks his lips while he’s lying down…or watch when he’s a little lethargic and he lies down, he licks his lips constantly and you can hear how dry his mouth is.

I have never seen Paddington like that once since I changed my dogs diet. Paddington 15months old, has boundless energy, sleeps fitfully, is content and not skittish, confident, happy, healthy. I did it! I got my dogs diet perfect and the makers of this pet food don’t even advertise it. They wouldn’t have enough once too many people found out about it. I stumbled upon it by accident while poring over tons of research material and continuously flipping through small snippets of information. Reviewing numerous personal incidences of discoveries of people and their dogs diet.

The manufacturers of this pet food, bless them, concentrate mainly on organic products. They don’t even promote or shout out about this dog food. And I found it! What a lucky find. Whew! When you’ve sifted through the tons of pet food out there to find out which one meets exactly the criteria for the best health and nutrition for your dog. I’ve come to realise that you shouldn’t latch onto the obvious ones. This one was almost hidden. The owners who manufacture this pet food are almost but unknowingly discreet about it. And I was so lucky to come across it. What a lucky find. My research paid off. Trust my judgement. This is right.

Here’s why. Dogs in the wild would normally catch their own food. It would probably be a fowl of sorts, a chicken, turkey or some sort of bird, possibly even a duck. They would also catch and eat rabbits, possums and the like. Notice all of these animals are vegetarian. The dog would eat his catch, the whole animal, and get his quota of protein, vegetable and some herbs. Did I mention that I had had a long conversation with Jane, co-owner of Paws Pet Sitting and Dog Walking after her feature interview on Channel9 in Brisbane, Queensland? Jane was very insistent about herbs, as well as vegetables, being an essential part of a good anti oxidant in a dogs diet. She mentioned that further research had found that herbs and vegetables in their right proportions in a dogs diet had reduced cancers and carcinomas by as much as 5o%

Now I’ve found a pet food that matches that criteria. Be careful of using pet foods that make claim to healthy chicken strips or yummy beef treats. Those might be supposedly natural but probably made from hormoned cattle, vaccinated and fed and fattened with preservative and chemically enhanced substances beef and chicken. This will only build toxins in the dogs body, he may not toilet well, sleep restlessy, develop skin allergies and ‘hot spots’ and lose that nice clarity you see in a healthy dogs eyes. Even if you tried to prepare  a homemade pet food, oh, the time it takes, and don’t end up like me. Prepared the whole thing, bought the best raw organic turkey, added raw minced vegetables in the exact quantities prescribed and sprinkled in the herbs only to find that Paddington didn’t even take a second sniff, never mind a taste.

While I was prepared to continue experimenting with the home made pet food recipe to eventually find one that suited Paddington’s taste….you kind of imagine him gobbling up this delicious healthy meal you’ve just spent hours preparing for him only to suffer the disappointment of him taking two steps back from the bowl and then looking up at you with this hang dog look. Well what a delight when I found this Pastured Raw Chicken .Yes!….matched all of the ingredient criteria. Yes..! Organic. Yes…! he loves it. Gobbled up every bit, licked his lips, wagged his tail and went off to play. Came running excitedly when I called him for his usual walk. And to mention, since I started walking Paddington at five every afternoon week day, I’ve met up daily with a lady who used to offer a hydro bath and grooming service in our area and enters her Schnauzer in endless competitions ( and always wins best obedience by the way) .She happens to walk her Schnauzer at the same time every day and is often a little snooty about her Schnauzer being the best, the best obedience, the best looking dog…even she had to admit how confident and settled Paddington was, and how soft and silky his coat was, noticed his healthy white teeth and commented on his boundless energy. She even commented yesterday “he really loves you doesn’t he? He must have a lot of trust in you” And she also had to mention that I must be spending a lot of time on his grooming since his coat is looking so good. I just smiled. She still spends hours in her kitchen preparing the best pet food for her dog. And rightly so. but what a waste of time when you can simply order it readymade and for the same price as you paid for just buying the ingredients.

Some of the dogs you see on the TV adverts. They’re always the best looking dogs. The dogs who have won the competitions are admired by all. People queue for their puppies. All of the best looking dogs are used in the pet food TV and magazine ads. They aren’t only in good shape because of the claim to fame pet food that  companies are advertising to you. They’re in good shape because of healthy exercise, grooming and a balanced nutritional diet. But it might be THAT one. It would be a diet of raw protein, raw vegetables and some herbs, the same as the pet food I stumbled upon and no one tells you about.

Just hold with me a minute because I have four more important facts I feel is so pertinent to your dogs diet and I would like to share with you.

> Just be aware that you are constantly bombarded by top pet food brands that claim all sorts of nutritional richness for your dog. If you like you can read the report on what’s really in pet food at  http://www.bornfreeusa.org/facts.php?p=359&more=1   clearly stating that pet foods consist mainly of leftovers at the slaughterhouse that have little or no nutritional value to the dog.

I’ll show you the pet food that meets the nutritional value that the experts insist on and it will be delivered to your door, and no preparation required.

>Please don’t be lead into believing these TV ads about these top brand dog foods with only the choice ingredients, chosen scientific diets, balanced and natural dog food…the list goes on and on. After investigating and reports released, it has been exposed that only low nutritional waste products have been used in these pet foods.

And even if dog nutritionists and experts tell you how to make this perfect pet food, supply the recipe with the exact quantities etc. it’s really great but who has that kind of time. I’d rather spend that precious time with my dog.

>And it’s very important that you completely understand that wholeheartedly that it needn’t be outrageously expensive. There’s no need to spend your last dime on all of the perfect organic ingredients. Or rush out and buy the best pet mincing machine. Or locate the top butcher in town who charges for his services to ‘sausage’ your prepared pet food. To fit all of this into an already busy schedule will only burden you, and when you lose your grip on achieving a good homemade pet food for your dog, it will only leave you tired and frustrated with feelings of guilt. So don’t put yourself under the unnecessary stress. Your dog will sense your stress and may become anxious which is really defeating the object of the whole excersise. Remember, we are trying to provide the best for our dogs. Good healthy diet, exercise and love.

Well, now that we’ve totally exposed some important facts about what’s going on with pet foods that you’re paying good dollars for, what IS the best nutritional pet food that will meet the criteria that the experts tried and tested by people we all know, love and respect, animal protection societies,  and true dog lovers.

  • Ingredients

Made from Pastured Poultry raised on organic Cocofeed

  • Includes the entire chicken, with bones and internal organs – not just left-over parts
  • Includes 10% organic coconut, which is 65% pure coconut oil
  • NO Soy and NO Corn
  • The meat, bones, and organs are raw – frozen pattie
  • Tropical Traditions raw frozen chicken steaks for dogs and cats are made from our pastured chickens raised outdoors in Wisconsin on pasture and our organic Cocofeed. Cocofeed is a non-soy feed that includes coconut developed by Tropical Traditions. These certified organic chickens make up 85% of the steaks and include the meat, bones, liver, and other internal organs of the birds. Our frozen raw steaks are unlike other “organic raw chicken pet food” on the market, which is made up primarily from older egg-laying chickens that are no longer profitable in indoor organic egg mass-production houses, because their egg-laying capacity diminishes after about one year. They are sold off as cheap pet food, but command a higher price because they are technically certified “organic” because  they ate organic feed all their life, even if they never saw sunshine or grass. Also, the organic feed fed to almost all organic chickens today have high concentrations of soy as the main protein. Our chickens are broilers that are raised outdoors in Wisconsin pastures by family farmers on our Cocofeed, which contains NO soy. In addition, 10% of the ingredients of our raw steaks are made from certified organic Tropical Traditions dried coconut, which is about 65% pure coconut oil. Coconut oil is very beneficial for pets, and enhances the immune system. The other 5% of the ingredients includes (some fruits and vegetables are seasonal): organic cranberries, whole chicken egg, organic broccoli, calcium carbonate, red potatoes, organic spinach, organic seaweed, organic beets, organic butternut squash, organic apples, organic blueberries, whole flaxseed, brewer’s yeast, organic carrots, and sage.
  • Tropical Traditions raw chicken steaks are meant to be a complete diet for dogs and cats, and include the following vitamins & minerals: Zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate calcium carbonate, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, sodium selenite, calcium iodate, cobalt sulfate, choline chloride, vitamin E (di-alpha tocopherol acetate), niacin, calcium pantothenate, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, vitamin B-12 supplement, thiamine mono nitrate, riboflavin, vitamin D supplement, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, biotin.
  • You will not find another complete pet food like this anywhere, unless you make it yourself. So if you want only the highest quality premium food for your pets, Tropical Traditions Pastured Organic Raw Chicken steaks are the best choice!

The explanation of the right quantities for your dog according to his weight. A perfectly balanced diet is great. The amount that the dog needs is ultra important. How would you know if he’s got a stomach ache because he’s eaten too much.

Feeding Guidelines
Recommended daily portion, by body weight.
Feed puppies and lactating females 2–3 times more.
25 lbs. 1 steak
50 lbs. 2 steaks
80 lbs. 3 steaks
110 lbs. 4 steaks

Guaranteed Analysis for Dog and Cat steaks
crude protein… min 14%
crude fat… min 14%
crude fiber… max 7%
(mostly from coconut – NOT grains)
moisture… max 65%

Just think of the prospects of regular checkups at the vet. The first thing. Your vet weighs your dog. The exclamations due to the fact that you dog is the perfect weight. Yes, good teeth, and oohs and aahs from the  nurses of how silky your dogs coat is, and of course they might notice how your dog trusts you. It’s as though your dog really knows you love and care for him or her.

And the peace of mind knowing that you have done everything in your power to reduce the risk of diabetes or cancer  in your dog, that might otherwise have occurred due to the mistake of the wrong diet for your dog, just like my friend who lost her toy poodle, who died a painful, sickly death from  and went blind in the end due to the diabetes and insulin.


Source by indigo zimmermann

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