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Visit www.aaloc.org and click on the “PayPal” button to donate. Please give the gift of sight to Domino.
This is Domino, a seven year old, mini Schnauzer. Little Domino’s owner, Dolores, is asking for help. Her little companion was diagnosed with Diabetes in December 2012 and was blind by March. Dolores worries about Domino, fearing he may injure himself. It pains her to see his fear and uncertainty. She sees him rubbing his eyes as if trying to remove whatever it is that has taken his vision. He does not understand. Surgery could restore Domino’s sight. Dolores is a senior with limited resources. She was reluctant to ask for help, but we reassured her that Domino was worth every penny we could raise and we were confident in the generosity of those who love animals. Your donations will make the gift of sight a reality for this sweet, little boy

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